Surprise – ‘atravel journal’ – August

What is the nature of ‘surprise’?  There is something of anticipation and something of mystery in it.  Yet we shouldn’t forget that it can be delightful or devastating, or both.  Maybe it is the combination or balance between the two of these that move us forward in life — the unfolding of reality, which is really what should have our attention, our commitment, not some fantasy, or make believe landscape,  Wherever your travels or ‘atravels’ take you today, may you find some delight in your current landscape.


Cloaked as a question, quite a few have suggested, ‘Don’t you think they (meaning my two kids who are severely affected by Autism and non-verbal) understand more than you know?’ This may be a limp way to offer us hope, or hint at miracles, because they don’t recognize acceptance in its simple garments, mistaking it for the more drab and dour older brother, despair.

But what do I know? Miracles aren’t under anyone’s control – surely not mine – maybe…who knows…perhaps…it could tumble out of them someday

the mute speaking words
articulating – answering
my damned up questions

Maybe someday I will be surprised by that sort of miracle. This, however, is certain now: I know more love than I thought I would know; I love more than I thought I would love; I have been given more than I have given, pressed down shaken together and running over – over the rock beds of real life. This surprise is a cross carved in soapstone, solid and weighty but susceptible to the wielding of a kitchen knife, a fingernail, ordinary things available and at hand, guided by the heart.


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