Cheerful Chaos II

I’m a mom who raised two non-verbal kids with autism.  The skill set I learned through the kid years was shaped in a particular way: practiced to observe, gather subtle clues, make logical and illogical leaps (aka: guessing) and this strategy was usually stretched and practiced over extended periods of time.  My fail safe slogan was ‘when they’ve done it a million times…’ This helped me to be patient because of course I was not willing to count to a million, so they theoretically were given a generous space to learn.  For me working with typically developing kids is a little like they all have super powers and everything moves at super speed.  Both populations provide worthy challenges and unique delights…but it’s the super power learning curve I’m having to learn now…


Live Wires

Currently charged
by a gazillion volts,
can you feel the power
hum and vibrate
as they surge by
giving static you,
a jolt?

For a nanosecond
when every electric eye
is focused forward
and you ‘have them.’
That moment glows,
illuminates a universe
brilliant and expanding
hearts so eager,
learning at light speed.

Then there’s a crackle
and it disconnects.
You’re in the dark,
scrambling to rewire,
using all your tricks,
working on the fly,
eager to reestablish
that connection.

© 2017 – Laurel Archer

Picture credit – (featured); above: a younger and more energetic me teaching a English club in Indonesia.

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