Cheerful Chaos

I haven’t posted for awhile.  That’s what happens when stuff gets added to your schedule.  So what’s been added is a part-time temporary position at CLAkids.  I haven’t worked with kids directly for a long time and it’s stretching me in good ways.  I’ve forgotten how much energy is generated by a large room of several dozen children — oh if the energy could be harnessed!  And it would be absolutely clean energy (the ethics I know are questionable).  But maybe, the extra energy I’m feeling these days has something to do with a mysterious transfer from their inexhaustible joyfulness.  I hope so.

Since this work is filling up my senses, this is where the poem came out.


kid energy
gathered, multiplied
synchronized, kinetic,
beating hearts call
in staccato rhythms:
laughter, shouts, tears,
manipulations –
triumphs   burst
defeats   defuse

busy buzzing noise
circles, surges, conceals
whispers on smiling lips,

all in
cheerful chaos
children at play.

© 2017 Laurel Archer

Photo Credit – Leslie Ghag…A big birthday party some years ago

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