Love for Strangers

The images I have for that day are all contrived; I was away when John called telling me Caleb had climbed the fence and was gone.  But the panic was real, so my imagination filled in the details, but not with

kind, friendly strangers
who stopped and stayed with – kept safe
a barefooted boy…

The police brought him home, still smiling, unruffled by his adventure.  I arrived home, after everything, still ruffled but repenting, grateful by how ‘the stranger’ so often turns out to be a friend.

© 2017 – Laurel Archer

2 thoughts on “Love for Strangers

  1. Yes, this mom too shares a gratitude for the givers of light in the midst of terror! Simple and beautiful Laurel. Thank you for sharing.

  2. As you can tell, I’m getting caught up on your Lenten posts. I can’t even begin to imagine the terror that you and John experienced with Caleb’s adventure. Thankful for the stranger too and thankful for your sharing. Love the photo with Caleb!

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