A love letter

Dear Lower Mainland,

It’s complicated, I know.
The snow doesn’t play nice.
It’s a fair weather friend,
(ironically) easily set off, fickle,
regular rules don’t apply –
the ones the rest of Canada use
and barrage us with – the ones
we used when we lived
in the rest of Canada. Well
and we forget, it’s not
after all, like learning
to ride a bike…

It’s ok, for days in a row
to cancel school; let the insults
land like water off a duck’s back.
Rain, after all, is the substance
we are one with, clothed only
In our liningless shells with hoods
impermeable, impervious
dashing from home to car to work,
just getting on with it, because
while the rest of Canada
waits out a downpour, we never
leave them standing still.

An Inhabitant

© 2017 – Laurel Archer

Photo Credits: John Archer


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