Love Drifts

A love poem for all those who have had it with the snow…

Love Drifts

I fell in love
with snowflakes so large
free falling skydivers
kaleidoscopes of patterns
slowed in motion
piled up around me
a memory foam mattress
contoured to hold
a child’s wonder forever.

I faltered in love
through snow drifts
blown over the car
blocking the driveway
black ice lurking beneath
a skiff taunting me toward
old memories of friendship
cautiously stepping out
armed now with a shovel
and a pain in my a–
lower back…

I fell out of love
weather worried
weather worn, robbed of
fantasy visions like aliens
falling from the sky
or the taste of cold beauty
dissolving on the tongue
dangerously stuck out
shielding me from
winter’s love bite.

© 2017 – Laurel Archer

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