You are welcome!

When everything was still new and overwhelming, you said, ‘Come and learn with us.’ Not just every Thursday at 3:00pm, but, ‘Stay here, we’ll make room.  Silakan masuk! Mangga! Please come in, you are welcome.’

When hearts are open
hospitality can lead us
into relationship

I wish I could come back now and watch with you for a few hours as you complete your life journey, tell you that your welcome taught me to be more welcoming.  I believe this world could be changed if we all learned how to warmly say, ‘Please come in, you are welcome,’ like you did.

© 2017 – Laurel Archer

With loving gratitude to the Radi family and especially Ibu Radi, pictured here, who warmly welcomed two Canadians into her home in Bandung Indonesia for four months. 

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