Dec 22 – Arrival

Their arrival surpassed expectations – how could they not change us, as we opened ourselves to new life?  Yes, there were surprises.  We never anticipated Caleb to be 1 in 68 affected by autism nor that Emma’s diagnosis would push us past statistical norms.

People tell us – I
could never do it.
But yes
you could.  Day by day…

Life doesn’t come at us all at once.  Jesus came also as a baby, growing up, upending expectations and Mary received him in time, letting him arrive day by day, until he filled the space she pondered large in her heart.

© 2016 – Laurel Archer

Photo Credit – Laurel Archer
Poetic form – Haibun



2 thoughts on “Dec 22 – Arrival

    1. Thanks Violet. Emma was my Christmas baby, although politely waited. Caleb still does this little touch with his fingers — not on Emma’s head anymore, but on photos around the house. It’s fun to see the beginnings of little personalities.

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