Conversation – ‘atravel journal’ – July 20

I’ve been thinking about conversation and what a gift it is.  Of course there are conversations we avoid, ones that go nowhere, stilted and barbed ones, but I’m rather fond of the ones that are free wheeling, that roll out in a generous space with plenty of time.  There may be things to talk about, or concerns that are known and those might be touched upon.  But there is also this mysterious unknown that can unfold taking the participants into uncharted territory.  Summer seems to gift us with the time and space to have these conversational ‘all inclusive vacations’ if we want to.

Conversation can lead you
on a journey, an adventure
complete with risk and challenge:

nervous tension, frivolity, unexpected
switchbacks, secrets, conspiracies,
panic at busy crossroads, exhaustion,

emotional explosions, sopped up
at empty and silent terminuses –
even the safety of a steady walking pace…

if you will take the time necessary
to travel on an open ended ticket
destination unknown.

© 2016 – Laurel Archer


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