Putting my shoes on

Putting on my shoes is the last thing I do before heading out the door on a new adventure.  An adventure can be anything as mundane as going for groceries or something grand like a summer holiday.  Shoeing my feet however, precedes them all.  It’s like a ritual blessing: ‘may my list be in my pocket, not a thing forgotten, amen’ and out the door I go with a confident stride.

Today, I’m putting on my shoes to begin a new adventure in writing.  This blog, for the next seven months or so, will chronicle how I engage the writing life.  The goal is not to write about writing as such, but to reflect on a writing practicum project as it unfolds until April.  I’ve gathered a few friends to journey with in the form of a writing guild, a place for encouragement and gentle critique, which I hope will be good soil in which I can grow and bear fruit.

So I’ve slipped my shoes on and I’m heading out the door — I think my list is in my pocket.  Regardless, I’m hoping my own agenda won’t entirely guide what might happen.  The best adventures have surprises.

One thought on “Putting my shoes on

  1. like your words better than the old song
    Put your shoes on, Lucy
    Don’t you know you’re in the city?
    Put your shoes on, Lucy
    Don’t you know it’s such a pity

    Lucy takes her shoes off
    Wherever she goes
    ‘Cause she loves to watch the wiggle
    Of her ten little toes!

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