Laurel-ing – NPWM – April 23

While I was looking up Egg references for Egg Phrases a few days ago, I also wondered if my Fable and Phrase Dictionary had anything to say about ‘Laurel’, knowing at least two idioms attached to the word: ‘rest on one’s laurels,’ and ‘look to one’s laurels’.  I was quite happy to find this entry:


Poetry and Laurel pairs nicely it seems.  So today, since it is my Writing Friendship friend Laurel’s birthday, it seemed appropriate to write some Laurel poetry.  And why not a limerick? or two?

A poet who swears by the laurel
preferring the green over floral
cares not a fig;
she sleeps on a twig!
Her lightning bolt verse brooks no quarrel

A birthday verse for Ms. Laurel Jean
celebrating more than seventeen.
Though she’s forty something
she’s all out or nothing,
presence gifted – surprising, foreseen.

© 2016 – Laurel Archer

One thought on “Laurel-ing – NPWM – April 23

  1. a friend penned a poem for my day
    she wrote erudite lines to play
    her words were are gift
    gave the spirit a lift
    “Thank you! You’re a delight!” I say.

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