Flies – NPWM – April 20

I feel I must apologize that this poem is about flies.  I myself can hardly believe I wrote about flies.  It’s this unseasonably warm weather.  You may ask why the weather has not inspired a poem about flowers and that would be a good question.  I have for instance a magnificent Japanese Peony Tree in the backyard in full bloom as I write this; why have I not written that poem?  I can only say, I don’t know.  This is the one that came out today.

The form is called ‘Rondelet’ a shortened form of the Rondeau.  It sports a short refrain and rhyme scheme of ‘abaabba’.  It’s a fun little form – good for flies.


Flies of summer
Heat wave resurrection bringing
Flies of summer
Bizz-buzz scuzzy window drummers
Sounding summer’s sure beginning
Ears ringing, hands flinging – winging
Flies of summer.

© 2016 – Laurel Archer

No flies were harmed during the writing of this poem

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