Dec 18 – Mary

As simple as that

Mary appeared again yesterday
in the Nativity Play at church –
not just mine; maybe yours too?

It’s my favorite Sunday
and favorite way to hear the story.
Children lead, model the posture,
the freedom, not burdened
with complicated histories,
psychological confusion
or even cinematic grandeur.

It’s just some kids playing,
dressed in housecoats, sheep ears,
tinsel halos. A child who acts as Mary,
says ‘yes, let it be..’ Yes to Jesus,
as simple as that.

© 2017 – Laurel Archer

Here is a brief clip from Children’s Pageant at CLA which took place yesterday.  This song Hope of Every Heart, was written by Julie Frutado especially for our production. Clip: CLA Kids Pageant

Note: This Advent series is using The Jesse Tree, a liturgical ‘tool’ to help guide and direct spiritual reflection.  Each day leading up to Advent, we  consider one Bible story, or character, beginning from creation, following chronologically (more or less) right up until the birth of Jesus. It’s a way to review the wide sweep of God’s pursuit of humankind across history.


6 thoughts on “Dec 18 – Mary

  1. A wonderful bunch of singing children: “You are my salvation and you loved me from the start…” Thank you for posting this clip and your Advent poetry. I’m blessed by it all.

  2. Thanks Laurel. I love your poetry today and the “story” yesterday was wonderful…the expressions on the actors faces and their words were priceless!

    1. Were you able to come Pat? — I hoped you guys would be able to come and hear Julie’s song!

  3. Enjoyed seeing this small part of your work Laurel! How wonderful for you to see this come to fruition.

    1. Thank you Karen — it was really wonderful to see the whole thing – and the kids did great.

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