Dec 8 – Joseph

Love Again

I had so many reasons
to hate my brothers,
seek revenge, smolder
in the memories of suffering.
I felt justified toying with them –
until I saw Benjamin,
my baby brother, innocent
of all this nonsense.

They cared for him
as they had not cared for me.
I saw men changed,
refined by their actions, a penance
worked out in word and deed
for Benjamin.  It broke my heart
open to love this family again.

© 2017 – Laurel Archer

Note: This Advent series is using The Jesse Tree, a liturgical ‘tool’ to help guide and direct spiritual reflection.  Each day leading up to Advent, we  consider one Bible story, or character, beginning from creation, following chronologically (more or less) right up until the birth of Jesus. It’s a way to review the wide sweep of God’s pursuit of humankind across history.

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One thought on “Dec 8 – Joseph

  1. Beautiful…choosing to love deeply and vulnerably comes with its own kind of pain.
    Thank you.

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