The first time I spotted a hummingbird perched on the tip of a tall tree, I was mesmerized.  I had only ever seen hummingbirds at feeders, or moving from flower to flower.  That such a tiny thing would chose to expose itself in this way seems crazy, bold, gusty.  I look up now to look for hummingbirds and I often see them there.  This little speck of a bird has become an icon to help me whenever I feel miniscule in comparison to the wild world around me.

 IMG_5641A hummingbird
two grams of grit
perched way up
on the very tip
of a towering tree

An Icon
for small things –
fragile resolves, repeated
attempts, stirrings
of desire…

inviting me
to climb a tree
like Zacchaeus; trying
to see, he is
perfectly seen.

PS – click on the picture and then zoom in on the top of the tree…

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