Love to Poem

I write poems, because the process helps me think and because it brings me great joy.  Writing seems to be the gift given to me to light myself out of darkness.  By darkness I don’t necessaril... Read More

Loving questions

Loving Questions Certainty disappears as illusively as now. This moment gone and gone again constantly slipping impossible to hold except with a question – What makes you afraid? How can I help you?... Read More

A love letter

Dear Lower Mainland, It’s complicated, I know. The snow doesn’t play nice. It’s a fair weather friend, (ironically) easily set off, fickle, regular rules don’t apply – the ones the rest of C... Read More

You are welcome!

When everything was still new and overwhelming, you said, ‘Come and learn with us.’ Not just every Thursday at 3:00pm, but, ‘Stay here, we’ll make room.  Silakan masuk! Mangga! Please come in... Read More